The Seekers

A woman from the past. Hunters from the future. A planet in the balance.

Life without her husband is less-than-fulfilling for Audrey. When she's saved from an attack in the park by the hitchhiker she helped the day before, she learns his interest in her is far from academic. Hound wants the power coursing through her veins, a power long extinct in his own time: the ability to heal the planet.

Transported a millennium in the future, life is barely hanging on. Fields once maintained by the Order have trouble producing even a small yield, and the legendary women have been missing for the past sixty years. Wrestling with the appearance of new powers would be hard enough, but the more Audrey does, the more obvious it becomes that she’s not the average healer. With the shadows drawing tighter around her, a single misstep could find Audrey sharing the fate of the very Order she came to replace.

If sassy female leads, snarky assassins, and dark, forbidding places are your thing, you’ll love The Seekers by Cait Ashwood. Pick up the first book in this thrilling series today to travel through time and join the adventure.

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The Order of the Lily

Survivor. Mother. Leader.

Audrey struggles to adapt to life after surviving the attack on the Institute. Living on the run with her twins, she manages to stay ahead of their pursuers--barely. Fate comes calling when Audrey is asked to interrogate a prisoner of war, and the woman reveals the Order Audrey has been fighting to restore was never truly gone in the first place. They've spent the last sixty years under the heel of a man named Zaddicus, withering away in captivity.

The Seeker's numbers are down and planning a rescue mission is daunting at best, but Audrey’s determined to let nothing distract her. Not her babies. Not their father, Ace. And especially not Hound, the tainted Seeker she marked with her intimately protective magic. Before it’s all said and done, Audrey will have to face the hard truth that sometimes you must choose between your duty, your family, and yourself.

Children of the Lily

What dangers lurk beneath the surface?

An uneasy peace has brought about a new era. Sixteen years after their rescue, the half-breeds of the Order have proved themselves to the world and earned their place in society. However, not everyone is at peace within the Order’s walls. The children of the Lillies are bound by birth to their destiny—carrying on the bloodline to ensure the future of humanity. While most accept their life of luxury in exchange for their duties, the burden doesn’t sit well with everyone.

Unhappy children are the least of the Order’s problems. Zaddicus, the mastermind behind the Order’s disappearance all those years ago, is still at large. His new plans threaten to blow open everything the Surfacers think they know about the world, and this time, he has children of his own.

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The Watchers

Death. Destruction. Hopelessness.

The river feeding the farmlands is tainted, destroying all it touches. Without Audrey to lead them, Brana and the Order strive to cleanse the river, only to fail again and again. Town leaders struggle to maintain control as dwindling water supplies throw the populace into a panic. The Watchers are on riot control, but they've bitten off more than they can chew.

As all-out war with the Dwellers looms, the Surfacers fight for their world with everything they have. Hound plants the seeds of a resistancein Paxi to undermine Zaddicus’ control from within. Stryker and the Watchers engineer a hail-Mary plan that has a snowball's chance in hell of working. They’ve been fighting for decades, yet all they’ve managed to do is lose ground.

Zaddicus has out-played them, and this time, maybe for good. The villain has gotten bolder, sending his heir to the surface to take down the resistance—and her brother—once and for all.