Dawn of the Shaman

The spirits said he’d become a great warrior.

It was their cruelest farce.

Blind little boys don’t grow up to become warriors--in Tozall’s clan, they often don’t grow up at all. But spirits also don’t show themselves to infants, yet Tozall saw them mere hours after his birth.

The boy’s uncanny abilities in the spiritual realm far surpass those of his mentor, but physically, he’s a bumbling, clumsy child who is cursed by his chieftain from dawn till dusk. When tragedy strikes the clan, Tozall does the only thing he’s good at: he seeks the aid of a rival clan’s spirits—and that aid is granted.

He wanted to help. 

He didn’t want to be a drain on his clan. 

Instead, he nearly started a war, and marked himself for death.

Gods become manifest and soar on feathered wings, wings that might just be the instruments of Tozall’s destiny.

If you enjoy Jean Auel with a splash of Anne McCaffrey, you’ll love Dawn of the Shaman

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Death from Above

A home without a heart is no home at all.

Tozall has finally earned a place among the Ruthien, a species far separate from the human tribe he was raised in. Along with his Roc Zriska, he now patrols the territory of his new people to ward against the gigantic Senzill. Being a Rider brings him some status among his new society, but not all Ruthien are willing to look past the stigma of his humanity.

Assigned to a wing after graduation, Tozall finally has a chance to pay back his debt to the Ruthien. Trouble comes knocking far sooner than expected, however, when Ruthien patrols unintentionally turn the Senzill on Tozall’s former tribe. With his loyalties torn, Tozall must choose between his human roots, or allowing Zriska to stay with her mate among the Ruthien.

The real question is, where does his heart lie?

Masters of the Sky

There's only room for one master of the skies

A giant, fire-breathing dragon terrorizes the land and threatens to rip the very fabric of the world to shreds. The collective spirit of the great eagles flies with Tozall, but eagles don't breathe fire, nor are their feathers armored plates. To banish the dragon, Tozall will need more than the help of the eagles.


He needs an army.


To save his clan, Tozall must first ensure they have a world left to live in. Branded a criminal, a heretic, a madman, Tozall is used to rejection. What he's never had to do--what he's never had the power to do--is unite people behind a common cause. To convince people that a blind man sees the truest path into the future.

Tozall must withstand the dragon's fires and come out more than a man. More than a warrior. More than a shaman. ​He must become... the Harbinger.

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Return to Me

A Shaman Wars Novella releasing spring 2020

Death paves the way for new opportunities, for those willing to grasp them.

In the wake of the death of Gray Wing’s wing second, several riders are up for consideration. Kanra is the youngest everything; youngest rider to bond to a Roc, youngest flier in the wing, and now he’s been recommended to become the youngest wing second in history. The council’s problem? While Kit’rin is an amazing flier, they’re worried the pair remains largely untested, something they plan to fix.

Sent into the wilderness and separated, Kanra and Kit’rin must prove that they can work independently, as well as together, to survive the bitter cold of Ruthinar winters. When a wild Roc finds herself the target of a saber-toothed cat, Kanra must choose between passing the elder’s test and following his race’s mission, the protection of all wild Rocs.