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News and a Teaser!

Hey guys, Cait here!

Those of you that follow my newsletter know that I'm taking a short break from the Shaman Wars series to follow a heart project of a somewhat more risque nature. I'll be releasing those works under a separate pen name to keep my titles under Cait relatively clean, but these characters have been shouting at me for about a year now, and I'm tired of all the noise.

Shaman Wars production will resume in earnest in February, and I hope to have the final installment out to you guys sometime in the spring. I'm going to do a re-read between the two projects just to make sure everything's fresh in my mind when I get ready to wrap up this trilogy. Always an awkward feeling, re-reading your own books, but I digress. I wrote the things, I should know everything, right? *nervous chuckle*

Ahem. In any event, I figure that going six months between releases is a bit long of a stretch, and I don't want to let you all down, so I've come up with a smaller project I can slip in without having to work on a full-length novel. I'll be releasing a short, probably sometime in January, titled, "Return to Me." I haven't worked up a formal blurb yet, so look for that probably in next week's blog post.

This story follows Kanra and Kit'rin quite a few years ago when they were first up for the appointment of wing second of Gray Wing. They had their fair share of doubters that felt they were too green for the job, and a test was proposed to see if one of my favorite pairs was truly up for the task. Return to Me follows them through that task and takes another look at the bond between Roc and Rider.

Tune in next week for the actual blurb! This will be a newsletter exclusive freebie to reward my fans, so if you haven't signed up yet, you should! There's links in the back of all of my books, or on the home page of my website. My host's blogging software leaves a bit to be desired and links look really clunky in here. I'm considering a move to Word Press or something a bit more up with the times. Anyone have a suggestion?

See you guys next week! - Cait

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