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Woo, it's been a while. How's everyone doing?

I've had a heck of a start to this year. Two surgeries, one of them emergency, nearly dying, tons of fun stuff. My writing computer died and had to be replaced weeks before a deadline for my other pen name. That has caused some (hopefully) understandable delays, but I'm back behind the keyboard and actively working on Masters of the Sky, the final book in the Shaman Wars series. I lost most of my series bible with the computer fiasco, so I've been re-reading the books, taking copious notes, and filling in the blanks as I find them. Tedious work, but I think I've finally replaced everything I lost.

I say that, and then promptly realize I'm now missing the last 14 chapters of my outline thanks to a syncing fiasco between my two Apple products. C'est la vie.

I've got a lot of new ideas coming down the pipeline. 2019 will also see the release of a Shaman Wars Novella, previously blogged about. I'd lost the series notes during the computer fiasco and finally found the hard copy of my outline for it last week. This year will also see the launch of a brand-new series, the Loom of Fate series. I'll post more about that in upcoming posts as things get closer, but I'll give you a hint: the main character is a magician that managed to turn himself into a dog!

I've got the cover reveal and blurb ready for you guys for Masters of the Sky, which I'm releasing on August 9th. I lost my pre-order privileges with Amazon, so my Amazon readers, just keep an eye on the store and my social media accounts around then to pick up your copy of Masters of the Sky. Without a pre-order, the book can take anywhere from a few hours to three days to upload, so the timing will be a bit iffy there.

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