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Release: Return to Me

A Shaman Wars novella, free for newsletter subscribers, releasing spring 2020
Release: Return to Me

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Death paves the way for new opportunities, for those willing to grasp them.

In the wake of the death of Gray Wing’s wing second, several riders are up for consideration. Kanra is the youngest everything; youngest rider to bond to a Roc, youngest flier in the wing, and now he’s been recommended to become the youngest wing second in history. The council’s problem? While Kit’rin is an amazing flier, they’re worried the pair remains largely untested, something they plan to fix.

Sent into the wilderness and separated, Kanra and Kit’rin must prove that they can work independently, as well as together, to survive the bitter cold of Ruthinar winters. When a wild Roc finds herself the target of a saber-toothed cat, Kanra must choose between passing the elder’s test and following his race’s mission, the protection of all wild Rocs.

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