Fantasy Series by Cait Ashwood

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Shaman Wars

The blind man sees the threat no one else does

Great spirits rule the land, but they won't speak to just anyone. Tozall, born blind, has their ear, and it's the only thing keeping him alive. Even the spirits marvel at the destiny before him, but can Tozall overcome his disability, the stigma against him, and his very race to become the savior the world needs?

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The Order of the Lily

Born follower, turned leader

Men have traveled over a thousand years through time for the gift that travels through Audrey's veins. She has the power to heal the planet, to save humanity from a nuclear-induced starvation. What should have been a relatively simple mission gets clouded when Audrey discovers that other women came before her, women that have mysteriously vanished. When she becomes the cult's next target, she must make a life-or-death decision: who can she trust?