The Order of the Lily - the Complete Series

Ordinary girl + Time Travel = Extraordinary Talents

Gifted with the ability to restore fertility to barren lands, Audrey's job should be easy, even if she had to go a thousand years into her own future to do it. She didn't count on fleeing from a cult, or the decades-old mystery that changes everything she thought she knew about her new world.

Shaman Wars - in Progress

He sees more than most--and he's blind

Tozall was born to a clan of primitive humans that don't tolerate any physical imperfection. When his clan's spirit guides, giant eagles called Rocs, interfered on his behalf, his life was saved, but that doesn't mean moving forward is going to be easy. Exiled from his clan, Tozall is introduced to the wider world and the dangers within. This time, a blind human may be just what's needed to stop the threat no one else sees coming.