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About Me

Writing has always been a passion of mine, ever since I managed to get away with submitting fantasy stories as creative writing projects as a homeschooled student. I've come a long way since those years, but my love for fantasy has never waned. 

I grew up reading the likes of Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore, Mercedes Lackey, and Sherwood Smith, and have loved every moment of it. I love intricate worlds, twisty plots, and characters you can dream about.

When I'm not writing, I'm a classically trained violinst and enjoy living in southern Virginia with my husband, two dogs, and two cats.

Blog Interviews

Get to know Cait!

Warrior Weekend Blog

with J.R. Handley

I was lucky enough to get to work with J.R. on his Warrior Weekend Interview Series. An Army veteran, J.R. takes a more militaristic view with his interviews, and as the spouse of an Army veteran, it was neat to have an interview paired more toward that part of our lives.

Blog Interview


This was a fun little interview through the website allauthor.com. This is a far more general interview with a bit about growing up, writing through my life, and my writing process

Podcast Interviews

Hear Cait talk about... just about everything

Sci-Fi Shenanigans

with J.R. Handley

J.R. is moving on up in the world and now has his own podcast! It was fun to get on and tease a Marine about his current place of employment - a crayon factory! You can't make this up!

The Scarlet Line

Women in Independent Publishing

This recording actually ended up on the radio, and was recorded live at the 2018 Fredericksburg Book Festival. Janelle Kennedy, Sue Pighini and I got to talk about the fun times and struggles particular to women in independent publishing.